About Tricia

Welcome to My Present Life!

I'm Tricia, a writer who's been sharing her adventures on this blog since 2013.

The meaning of "My Present Life" summarizes my view of life and travel: to be mindful, remember life is a gift, and live in this very moment – to be aware, grateful, and truly alive.

Pausing to write and reflect at Koya-san's Daimon Gate (Japan)

By 2013 I had paid off my college tuition, purged almost everything I owned, and applied to the JET Program to teach English in Japan. For the next year and a half I lived in the countryside city of Nanao, Ishikawa, famed for its sushi, onsen, and overwhelmingly kind-hearted people.

After living as an expat in Japan, I traveled around the world for a year to 20 countries with the goal of learning a new cultural skill at every opportunity. As I backpacked around the South Pacific, across Asia, and through Europe, I earned my SCUBA diving license, volunteered on a sheep farm, was introduced to yoga, and lived as a Buddhist nun at a forest monastery.

I've been back in America's midwest for a few years now, building up a middle-class life as a 9-to-5er again until the right time and the next adventure, whatever that may be.

To contact me, leave a comment on the blog. Cheers!