May 25, 2015

Mementos: The Swiss Alps

A surprise blizzard greeted me when I arrived in Switzerland; big, clumpy flakes had covered Lauterbrunnen in half a foot of snow in hours. A map at the hostel showed a giant waterfall right in front of the village, but I couldn't see it due to the heavy fog.

Luckily, the next morning heralded clear blue skies. Not just one, but several waterfalls were in view cascading down both sides of the mountains that lined the Lauterbrunnen valley. I spent the majority of my time hiking through the area. I even felt like a 'real outdoorsman' when I filled up a water bottle straight from a crystal clear stream!

When I swallowed back my apprehensions and took the first gondola up and over the lip of the valley, the snow-dusted titans – the actual, live Swiss Alps! – were in view as far as you could see. Of course the photos can't do them justice, but I hope you can feel a sense of their incredible power and majesty. Enjoy!

View from Lauterbrunnen valley, facing south

View from Lauterbrunnen valley, facing north

View from Lauterbrunnen valley

Cascading Waterfall

View of Mürren from the gondola

Gondola heading towards Gimmelwald

The village of Mürren

An overhanging balcony over the mountain's edge in Mürren

Staubbach Falls

A beautiful day in Switzerland

Like Heidi, I spent a brief time among the Alps and a part of me will always long for them.


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