Sep 11, 2014

MEMENTOS: Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is located in Lake Huron between Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas. It's one of the few places in Michigan you can't point to with your hand as a map. The name "Mackinac" (pronouced mak-in-aw) is a shortening of the Menominee Native American word for "big turtle," which they likened to the island's shape. Instead of turtles though, the island is known for cycling, fudge, and gorgeous views of the lake.

$25 round-trip ticket takes you to and from the island
 from Mackinaw City (lower peninsula) or St. Ignace (upper peninsula).

Mackinac Island's Main Street

Sailboats out on a windy day.

Mackinac Bridge, connecting the upper and lower peninsulas.

Lake Huron, in every shade of blue.

Cycling the perimeter of the island. It took about an hour and a half,
amounting to $10.50 for the bike rental.

Stacking rocks are found all along the shore of Mackinac Island. Meditative? Tourist tradition?

Arch Rock, a natural limestone formation.

A cannon at Fort Mackinac.

The view from Fort Mackinac - not bad, right?

That blue is not a photo filter, it really is that beautiful.

Mackinac Bridge - the boat took us under it on the way back to St. Ignace, around sunset.
When you're cruising in the water underneath its huge steel supports, you realize how magnificent it is.

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