Sep 26, 2014

MEMENTOS: Final Days in the USA

I'm writing to you from the palm trees of Florida. A week ago, I was in Michigan. Two weeks ago, New York. A week from now, I'll be in Fiji, beginning my world tour. I can hardly believe it! The days have been filled with adventures great and small, all leading up to the moment when I finally step on the plane that will open up the world to me. Here's a glimpse of those recent Stateside adventures:

Walking along the coast of Lake Huron at sunset. The sky looks like a Native American sand painting, 

Harvesting honey from my uncle's beesLaurén and I cut the caps on the honeycombs, spun the honey out of them, and filtered out the wax, all in a honey hut kept at 100ºF to keep the honey oozing smoothly.

Enjoying a sugar sprinkles ice cream, the first one since I was a kid, and my first RenFair "turkey" leg (they're actually emu - turkey doesn't have the thick cartilage usually found in this RenFair staple).

My first visit to the Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan. It was a world of its own! A group of us watched an owl and hawk fly around us in a show, admired the costumes of both entertainers and visitors, listened to a "holy" bagpipe rock band, and unintentionally ended up looking after the infamous pickle man's cart. I'm glad I could finally visit this famous wonderland.

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