Aug 16, 2014

The Hunt for Godzilla

Godzilla is coming to Tokyo? Detroit News reporter and good friend Laurén is on the case! We spent several days looking for the titan of terror among the tourist hotspots of Tokyo.

We scoured the grounds of Meiji Jingu, the large shrine outside of Harajuku dedicated to Emperor Meiji. A crowd of Japanese people ran passed us - was it in fear of Godzilla? Was he on the horizon? No - there were several traditional Shinto weddings being performed on the shrine grounds, and everyone was rushing to get photos of the kimono-clad couples.

Animals can sense when the giant monster is near, so we headed to a cat café to investigate. The cats were lethargic and ignored us unless we fed them treats. We realized they weren't going to tell us anything; they may even be in cahoots with the monster.

Our search took us through the island of Odaiba, the parks of Shinjuku (everyday is maintenance day!), the Studio Ghibli Museum, the Shibuya Scramble, and even the Imperial Palace itself. Was it that we were too low on the ground to spot him? To get a better look, we roosted at a vantage point from the top of Roppongi Hills.

(upper left) Meiji Jingu; (upper middle) a cat café; (upper right) Studio Ghibli Museum;
(lower) the Imperial Palace.

View from Roppongi Hills after sunset, with Tokyo Tower lit up in front of us. No sign of Godzilla.

We settled in for the night at our ryokan, thinking perhaps Tokyo was safe, at least today, when --- dramatic music! Where was it coming from? Was Godzilla in our bathroom? Upon closer inspection, no, it was only the melodies of the futuristic Japanese toilet. All was well.

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