Aug 21, 2014

MEMENTOS: The Goodbyes

A fancy sushi dinner (Nat's stellar recommendation) where you order by how many pieces you want. By far the best sushi I've ever had in my life. I may have griped about the food at times, but Nanao's fresh fish is second to none!

The Noto Writer's Group, Plotters & Scribblers, held it's last get together at an all-you-can-eat yakiniku before going out for purikura and karaoke. I'm going to miss meeting up on Wednesday nights with this talented group of ladies.

My last day at my favorite elementary school. We went crawfish hunting, played "London Bridge," and ate cucumber snacks together. During the last period they held a Goodbye Ceremony for me, and I choked up during my goodbye speech because I saw the other teachers crying. Then, at everyone's request, I sang Let It Go in English, finishing off with the line 少しも寒くないは. ALL THE FEELS.

Goodbye little pokéball, you served me well (even after I couldn't drive you anymore). Yousuke, you have such an adventurous spirit, I hope to meet you again around the world!

The infamous math teacher and I at Asahi JHS's Soubetsukai (goodbye party). This guy made my workdays so much better. We would swap a dictionary back and forth to communicate, and draw pictures on scrap paper that he would collect in his "important file." We shared so many laughs. As a goodbye present, he gave me a Baby-G watch. When I look at it, I remember those times.

Every single staff member at Asahi Junior High School had an impact on my life. I cannot express my thanks enough to them. They are great teachers, and extraordinary human beings to succeed in the high-stress environment of Japanese work culture. Sharing a final dinner party with them made it all too real: this was goodbye... until next time.


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