Jun 29, 2014

MEMENTOS: Close to the Sea

The Logos Hope - a world-traveling book fair - docked in Kanazawa. We were disappointed the ship only sold bibles, Christian books, and Amish bodice-busters (they're a bit pent up). Free books about AIDS were piled next to the door and I saw an old Japanese woman grab one and put it in her grandchild's hands, not knowing what it was.

Track & Field Day at Joyama Park. I forgot to wear sports clothing, and was the only one to show up dressed in my everyday work clothes. I spent the day hidden in the back of the cheerleading crowd, goofing off with the school band.

A joshikai (women's party) with the teachers from my favorite elementary school. What a cool bunch of ladies!! Japanese teachers work so hard, often late into the night and on weekends, that they never have downtime to just enjoy themselves. It was a rare treat to hang out with them over dinner and ice cream, especially because they all speak a fair amount of English.

Showing my friend around the Noto with a stop at Anamizu Bay.

The hike around Anamizu Bay. Closer to the open expanse of the ocean, I spotted wooden stairs leading up into the hills. We followed them and discovered a hidden watchtower at the top. I love these little surprises.


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