Apr 9, 2014

One Year in Japan

One year ago I came to this gorgeous prefecture while the cherry blossoms were abloom and the Seihakusai dekayama were just starting to be built. Now the bitter winter has dissipated; the white and pink plum blossoms have announced the start of spring, and the cherry blossoms once again bring flocks of picnickers to gaze up at their frail pink petals at Komaruyama Park.

Just like the cherry blossoms, my time here has been brief. My second viewing of Japanese spring may well be my last. I feel so grateful to be here and have had all these experiences over the past year. None of it would have been possible, or half as much fun, without the fantastic people who live here in Ishikawa and those who've supported me from abroad. Thank you so much for everything.

While I'm glad Nanao has been a part of this journey, it's not over yet - onto festival season! ★


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