Apr 27, 2014

Mementos: Pilgrimage to Koyasan

Women's Pilgrimage to Koyasan

Shingon Buddha

Starting off at Nyonindo

The first steps of the pilgrimage

Torii gates

Daimon Gate

On the hike

Towering pines

Okunoin Cemetery

Buddha and Bodhisattva

Company emblems on special "graves" for lifelong employees

Priest in a lotus flower

Pile of grave markers

A guardian for deceased children

Entrance to the center of Okunoin - no photos allowed beyond this point

Koyasan Temples & Landmarks

Kasakuni cafe, where they serve yuzu macaroons

Temple gate and cherry blossoms

A line of torii gates

A pagoda with more cherry blossoms

Konpon Daito - the Great Stupa

My room at Saizen-in temple

Garden view outside my room at Saizen-in temple


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