Apr 6, 2014

FOOD FARE: Speciality Desserts

Why do I look so tickled pink? Perhaps it's because I've taken a position as Restaurant Reviewer for the official Ishikawa JET blog. My first review of Ristorante Rio is here. I'm looking forward to writing more, and putting all these photos of food to more use ;)

Sakura mochi
This sakura mochi is the best Japanese sweet I've ever had! The mochi (rice cake/paste) is wrapped around a pink cherry blossom "petal" and real leaf. This was given to me by two of my co-workers when I visited the one's home to try on formal kimono.

The same fellow teacher is also adept at traditional Japanese arts like tea ceremony. She presented us with a beautiful tea bowl with freshly mixed macha green tea. I followed the expected actions as a guest: I admired the tea bowl, turned it clockwise three times, and finished the drink in three long sips.

Coffee and sweets from Nagoya 

A local independent donut shop.
Despite living in Nanao for almost a year, I still find little hidden places I never noticed before. One case in point: this one-woman-show donut shop where I had...

Okra donuts
Yes, you read the description right, these donuts are made of okra. They are freshly fried once ordered and so hot you have to wait to eat them. They don't have any frosting, creams, or sprinkled nonsense; they are simple, filling, and delicious. I'll have to be on the lookout for more hidden shops around town.


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