Feb 28, 2014

MEMENTOS: The Sights of Osaka

Chanting outside a Zen temple.

As worshippers approached the mossy statue, they poured water over it.

(zooming in) The knife and the fiery halo make me suspect this is Fudo Myō, the angry-faced Buddhist deity of relinquishing your attachments.

Osaka Castle amid the park-wide "illumination." In Japanese, this word means what Americans would consider "Christmas lights."

View of Osaka from the Floating Garden Observatory.

Olivia got a cute passport of all the major skyscrapers in Japan, with a space to put a stamp once you've visited them.

Adorbs. I loved the blue tennis shoes.


The iconic Osaka Castle.

View from the top of Osaka Castle, with a golden "dolphin" in view.

Inside the castle museum, you could dress up like a samurai. From the horns, this guy was going for the deer deity look (deers are sacred symbols in the Shinto religion).

A pet hawk entertaining passersbys outside Osaka Castle.

Is it time to go already?? After one last bite of takoyaki, we packed our bags and took the bus back to the Noto.


And so our vacation came to an end.


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