Mar 9, 2014

Anamizu Oyster Festival

Another festival centered around food? Of course we'll be there!

The Anamizu Oyster Festival is not just about oysters, you can buy many different kinds of seafood, meat, and vegetables. Once you have bought your lunch items from the vendors around the harbor, you take a seat at the long grills to cook them over the hot coals. Even though it was very cold outside, sitting so close to the grills kept us nice and warm.

Everyone is given gloves, chopsticks, and cooking implements once you take your seat. To cook the oysters you leave them steaming on the rack until their "mouths" open up and a flurry of sparks rise up from where its juices dropped over the coals. Then you peel back the upper shell and pull out the oyster with your chopsticks while it's still hot.


Grilling oysters.

A sea snail cooking in its shell.

Anamizu Harbor


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