Feb 9, 2014

Zip-Lining Through the Thai Jungle

Let's ZIP-LINE!!!

Our hilarious guide, Cash, buckling me in to the harness. His constant jokes and stunts made the trip. All of us kept laughing the whole way.

Flying through the tree tops. I was terrified the first go-around.

The name of the zip-line company (Flight of the Gibbon) comes from the gibbon monkeys. They brought these animals with them to the site, starting out with two (the black male and tan female gibbon), and now they have a little baby boy (seen between them in the picture) and another on the way.

The longest zip-line was 800m (half a mile) long. As I was soaring over the jungle, my heart was beating faster and faster with terror - then, suddenly, my fear was flipped inside out, and I was filled with the greatest exhilaration as I took in the great green horizon of trees, the mountains, the blue sky, all below and around me... like I was flying. It was a moment I can't put into words that will express its incredible beauty.

(zooming out)

Coming in for a landing. Feet up!

Olivia and Mr. C enjoyed themselves, too!


One of the zip-lines was a free-fall, where you were hooked to the line on your back.

"Climb like Spiderman!" Cash told us.

Mr. C in free-fall, but what's this....

(zooming in) ...he dove off the platform!

What a thrill!

 We went on 14, 16, 18 zip lines? We lost count after all the bridges and tree houses and hikes to higher lines. I loved every single moment of it.

Hold on! Our two guides rigged ropes around pulleys to lower us down to ground level.

Exhilarated and filled with praise for our guides, we went back to the base for a homemade lunch, with local music playing beside our table (below).

You bet we ate it all ;)

After lunch, we went up a little higher on the mountain road, and followed a river (above) to a strikingly beautiful waterfall (below).

It changed its shape as we hiked higher, as if every new view was a different waterfall.

Zip-lining was the most amazing experience we had in Thailand, and I'd love to do it again!


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