Feb 14, 2014

The Night Market Cabaret!

After I was released from the hospital, the three of us went back to the bazaar to see a live dance show. I was skeptical at first, but Olivia was right - it was amazing! There's something special about these dancers - can you tell what it is?

Sawa dee means "hello" in Thai.

The dances ranged from show girl to racy to modern.

You go, Tina!

"You're gonna love meeeeeeeee!" At which point the singer jumps off the stage and kisses a guy in the audience.

This guy was Olivia & mine's favorite!

Lip-syncing a Rihanna song.

"I'm a one-man woman, but I'm a two-timing man."

Incredible makeup job, right?

Have you guessed the twist yet?

Every dancer in this show is a man!


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