Feb 19, 2014

MEMENTOS: Boxing & Massages

With our trip to Chiang Mai coming to a close, we had to see two of its biggest attractions: massage parlors and Muay Thai boxing.

Our feet were really aching from walking all over the city, so we stopped by a small parlor along the street and had the most painful foot massages. The ladies jacked up every poor bone in our toes. When Olivia looked behind her head, there was an open jar full of crawling bugs! We learned our lesson, we won't go for the cheap parlors ever again.
The pain!!

Enjoying dinner from the patio of a Middle Eastern restaurant (oh shawarma, I missed you!).

A normal, everyday sight: people riding along in the bed of high speeding trucks.

Muay Thai!

The girls boxed first.

We cheered for the red team because they were in our corner of the ring.


Then, we came to the last day. I had originally booked a massage with the #1 parlor in Chiang Mai. Unfortunately, that was the evening I went to the hospital. Instead I found an opening at another parlor, which was beautiful but their massage itself was pretty ineffective. I was also really sad we had to go soon, and my whole mood was close to tears. It was snowing and cold back in Japan; I wanted to stay right there in Thailand!

The inner walkway between the lobby and the rooms of the spa.

The massage room. The door in the back opened up to a private courtyard with a shower.

The masseuse braided my hair and looped in a fresh flower.

And so ends the adventures in Thailand. I can't wait to go back to Chiang Mai again :)


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