Feb 5, 2014

Food Fare: Street Food

Before riding elephants at a sanctuary, or shopping at the bazaar, the first thing the three of us did in Thailand was stop at the nearest street food vendor and buy rotee. Rotee is a type of pancake made with fresh fruits (usually banana) and honey or nutella. These types of pancakes are so popular, they say you can find the tourist track through Southeast Asia by following the following the "banana pancake trail."
A street vendor selling rotee for 50 Baht each, the equivalent of $1.50.

Banana Nutella Rotee

A street food vendor cooking up fresh vegetables and noodles with lightening speed. Most dishes were about $0.80, like the one below.

Pad Saew - stir fried vermicelli noodles.

Museli with fresh fruit over yogurt for breakfast.

More pad saew at a restaurant attraction with live tigers! More on "Tiger Kingdom" next time.


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