Jan 24, 2014

The Streets (and Food Markets) of Chiang Mai

A typical street down Chiang Mai, with no doors/walls to the entrances of restaurants and guest houses. You just walk right in - everything feels very open.

A piece of the old wall that once surrounded ancient Chiang Mai.

Many animals share the sidewalks
of Chiang Mai with the tourists.

I didn't know bananas came in such a small size in round bunches until I first saw them at an open-air Thai food market. There were a lot of other fruits being sold that are unique to Southeast Asia, like durian and dragonfruit.

Fresh meat being weighed and sold.

Chicken in that in-between stage of looking like an animal and looking like dinner.

Different kinds of curry powders.

Nuts and dried goods.

Bugs. No, I didn't try any. I wonder if it's here more for tourists than for local people who actually eat them.

The Thai gesture for "hello" and "thank you" as modeled by our guide to intercultural communication, Ronald McDonald.


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