Dec 4, 2013

Notojima Aquarium

When the American middle schoolers came to visit Nanao, their teacher mentioned to me how deeply moving it was to touch a whale shark at Notojima Aquarium. The aquarium is quite famous in this area, but I had not been, and told her so. It seems this happens a lot when we are settled somewhere - we don't end up going out to see major "tourist" destinations in our own backyard.

I had been to Notojima before to entertain Korean exchange students on a beautiful beach, but had not ventured through the island on my own. I decided to take the chance as soon as I could, and soon I drove over to see Notojima Aquarium.

Here are some photos and videos of that visit. Enjoy!


The creature in the upper-right is the whale shark. It was absolutely huge, and so graceful.

I was only aware after shooting this video that I was talking to the fish as they approached me. I think most people do this when they're alone, too.

A "snoring" octopus and a fish with a built-in suction cup.

Notojima Aquarium also has a fish tank you can stick your hand into, so the fish can eat the dead skin cells off your body. I've read about people who pay to have this service done in other Asian countries. It feels really funny, and afterward your hand is squeaky clean.

I found Nemo and Dori (top right). The fish in the lower-left reminds me of how "emo kids" in high school used to dress.

Here's a closer look at the eels as they slithered through their tank.


The pufferfish in the upper-right has very bright, clear blue eyes. The shell on the crab-like creature in the bottom-left looked like something out of prehistoric times.

Sleeping cuties, a penguin out for a stroll, and Notojima Aquarium along the bay.


Any special destination (zoo, restaurant, museum) in your own backyard you want to visit, but haven't checked out yet?


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