Dec 15, 2013

FOOD FARE: Pizza & Coffee

Pizza Italiana at Pizzeria Salina in Kanazawa.

Japan has this really unfortunate skill at making food look amazing, but taste sub-par. So Mr. C, Olivia, and I we were skeptical when, after the ALT Skills Conference in Kanazawa, we headed out for pizza. Thanks to another JET's recommendation, we went to Pizzeria Salina and the food was fantastic! We ordered two full pizzas and a pasta dish, and finished it all off.

The oven-fired pizza oven at サリナ.

After pizza, we had coffee and donuts at MisDo.

Mister Donut, or "MisDo", is the Japanese equivalent of Dunkin' Donuts (except it's spotless and the coffee really is fresh). We came for the coffee and donuts, and stayed for the conversation. We were laughing so hard, having such a great time just talking, that we didn't notice the time until it was 0:30! And we still had to drive home into the Noto. What a great night that was.

Café au lait and a mini calzone at the new café in Nanao. The calzone was pretty gross, but the servers were so kind and sweet, I'd come back for the coffee again...

...which is what I did! Another café, this time with whipped cream. Excellent presentation points, as always.


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