Dec 22, 2013

FOOD FARE: Do You Want "Dessert Potato" With That?

Yuzu - a citrus fruit, originally from China, that tastes somewhere between a lemon and a Mandarin orange. I sliced these up into a pitcher of water for Thanksgiving.

Kimchi gyudon - Kimchi is Korean fermented vegetables, atop the Japanese gyudon dish (beef rice bowl).

Appetizers at the taiko group's bonenkai (end of year party).

The Salad Bowl (Nanao foreigners group) Christmas Party. One person from each country (America, China, Korea, Philippines) explained their holiday traditions in English, complete with dancing. Then we all ate homemade dishes from each country.

"Dessert Potato" - waffle fries with chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream.


P.S. By this time I am just arriving in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'll be back to respond to comments and emails the first week of January.


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