Nov 3, 2013

Tokyo Game Show 2013

Road trip to Tokyo!! After driving through the night on Friday, we arrived by morning to see Tokyo Game Show 2013. This annual conference is held to promote new video games, platforms, long-time franchises, and newbie developers. It's a great way for fans to dress up as their favorite characters, get their hands on the latest and greatest game previews, and grab game-related swag.
Along the highway to Tokyo, this was one of the rest stops (can you believe it?); a beautiful landscape of green mountains overshadowing restaurants and omiyage (souvenir) shops.

Welcome to Tokyo Game Show 2013!
はじめましょう! Let's begin!

Top left: Assassin's Creed: Black Flag. Top right: Kingdom Hearts III (still in development, gaaahh!). Bottom: Octodad, a video game where you play a very awkward octopus (it's so cute and charming, I'd play it if I had access to a PS4).

Look out Back to the Future II, we've got holograms! This flat screen is an angled mirror, giving the illusion of a singing, dancing 3D hologram between the two screens. This impressive leap in technology is used throughout Japan to create a hologram pop singer named Hatsune Miku (not pictured). She is very popular, and has a huge following of people who go to her concerts. Just to reiterate, she is entirely a fictional, holographic character, with millions of fans. Only in Japan.

The new PlayStation 4 wireless controllers.

Oh, you're good at Guitar Hero? That's cute ;)
I waited in the Playstation 3 line to try out Rocksmith 2014, a video game that plugs in to a real guitar and teaches you how to play! It's been a childhood fantasy of mine to learn how to play guitar - and now, once I buy this game, I'm going to!!

Cosplayers! Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts on the left, and the Mario "sisters" with Yoshi on the right.

A disturbing note: foreigners standing in as American soldiers, pointing military guns at people for photos. Having a gun, even a fake one, pointed at people makes my stomach turn. I don't think it's necessary to turn this game into a realistic display.


What do you think about the Game Show displays?


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