Nov 27, 2013

FOOD FARE: It's Getting Colder

Under the festival food stands at the Senmaida light-up, one woman was wielding a blow torch. Turns out she was making crème brûlée. But not just any kind - it was pumpkin crème brûlée! And you got to keep the little cat-and-pumpkin ceramic bowl it came in. Of course I had two.

Hot ramen on a windy day in Kanazawa.

A cup of green tea, courtesy of a kind shopkeeper who kindled to Olivia and I as we explored Ipponsugi Street during a festival.

Udon, before and after. People from Nanao's Japanese sister-city were also down Ipponsugi for the festival, cooking specialty udon under large tents. It was my first time to eat the "soup" without broth.

A winter staple food: nabe. Nabe is a soup made of fresh vegetables and meat, boiled in a broth at your table. This massive amount of vegetables soon dissolved into the pot, and we split the soup four-ways. It was perfect after exploring Ipponsugi, watching a sumo match, and walking out in the cold rain.


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