Oct 30, 2013

Shishimae - Dragon Dancing

The summer festivals may have ended, but that just means aki matsuri (fall festivals) have begun.

Tokuda, the neighborhood where I teach and the Nanao JETs practice taiko, kicked off their aki matsuri the day after we climbed Haku-san. I was sunburned and very sore, to the point I thought I couldn't get out of bed, but when festival calls, you answer.

I drove the boys down to Tokuda in the morning to play taiko. They strapped the drum to the back of a cart and the group played throughout the neighborhood for the entire day! Poor Mr. C was twice as sore the next day, but everyone agreed it had been worth it.

What distinguishes the fall festival from the rest of the year's festivities is the shishimae - dragon dancing! Every town's dance is a little different, yet share the same story of generations of heroes going to defeat the great dragon, and eventually restoring balance to the world. Enjoy the photos and videos below.


P.S. Happy Halloween to everyone Stateside!


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