Oct 16, 2013


Lunch on Himakajima (Himaka Island) - super fresh clams, rice, assorted veggies, pickled veggies, and miso soup (your quintessential Japanese lunch). Next to the table was an open fish tank with lobsters, crabs, eels, snails, mussels, clams... all from the week's catch around the island. You knew where your food had come from. It takes "fresh" to a whole new level.

Sadly this black tea was not that great, but once again I hand it to the Japanese on beautiful presentation.

Doria - rice, vegetables, and melted cheese over rice. Yet another meal served by a waitress who whipped out her fluent English skills like it was nothing. What a beautiful thing to hear your own language spoken, with proper grammar and vocabulary over two-syllables. It brings a tear to your eye (or maybe that was the hot food).

Fruit parfait with vanilla ice cream on top. Ain't she a thing of beauty?

Real tex-mex - nachos, quesadillas, you name it! This restaurant is owned by a man born in Mexico, raised in America, and married in Japan. You knew it was authentic because half the menu was a long list of different tequilas (no joke). Tex-mex is near impossible to find in Japan, so we gorged. And, of course, you could've guessed... we were both sick the next day. More proof it was real Mexican food, haha.


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