Oct 11, 2013

FOOD FARE: Then We Went on Vacation!

During summer break from school (end of July - August), both teachers and students are still expected to come to school almost everyday. We don't have classes, but students still have to complete about four hours of club practice daily. I came in to the junior high school, sat at my desk, and counted the hours most days. Then, one blissful week in late August, I took a week's vacation time to visit Nagoya!

I'm starting off with the food because it was just too good.

A proper mai tai. Let the vacation begin!

Not your average chicken teriyaki pita-wrap at a Hawaiian restaurant.

A breakfast of salmon sandwiches and a cup of coffee at a French-style cafe. The window looked out at an intersection where we people-watched.

Two words: dim sum. These Chinese steamed dumplings were served by a young waitress who spoke to us in English so fluent we were taken aback. Turns out she just finished an internship with the Disney Program in Orlando. No wonder she spoke in easy slang! No where else in Japan have we been so pleasantly surprised by how many people actually speak English correctly.

A Korean dish of spicy bibimbap  - literally, "rice with mixed vegetables" in Korean.


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