Sep 6, 2013

MEMENTOS: of Happy Days

I won an umbreon from a nigh-impossible claw crane game. He now hangs from the rear-view mirror of my new car. (Yes, a new car!! A pic of my little red vehicle coming up!)

I drove Mr. C to his JLPT 4 (Japanese language proficiency) exam in Kanazawa. The university it took place at was on a high hill looking over this view of the city.

Park benches in Kenroku-en, in Kanazawa. This is the same park I visited during cherry blossom season in my first week in Ishikawa.

Walking across a bridge during twilight on the way to Kanazawa's downtown district, Katamachi. We walk in because it's cheaper to park outside the main stretch.

I mentioned before I spent two days giving an interactive presentation about Shakespeare to high school students at Hakui's English Camp. They learned who Shakespeare is, how to rhyme, and even how to identify a sonnet.

By the end of our time together, the students came up with their own poem! I was so proud of them!! Not only are they learning to communicate in a difficult foreign language, but now they can create poetry in it!

Below are two of the poems, complete with hammed-up illustrations by yours truly.
Class 1's cat poem:
There was a cat.
He wore a hat.
He was very fat.
He sat
on a mat.
There was a rat.
He sat
on a bat.
He wasn't fat.
And that's that.
Class 2's cat poem:
There was a cat.
It was too fat
It sat
on a mat,
wearing a hat,
eating a rat,
wanting a bat.
And that's that.


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