Sep 11, 2013

FOOD FARE: The Unexpected!!

Where else in the world are you offered tea and crunchy snacks to enjoy while your department store cashier boxes up your purchases?

When out with the girls in Kanazawa, they ordered calpis donuts. Calpis is a popular creamy soda with an unfortunate name (say it out loud, you'll get it).

This festival pre-game meal occurred shortly before the greatest experience I've had yet in Japan: the Hoto Festival.

On the day of the Hoto Festival, all of the guy's who were to carry my town's Hoto got together to feast and drink before carrying the several-ton giant lantern. As I was leaving the traditional home of the town's main sponsor, a festival organizer handed me a purple happi (festival coat). I was going to join them in carrying the hoto!

All evening and into the night I carried my portion of the hoto's weight on my shoulder, lifting it up on the chanting beat, and cheering the guys as they drunkenly danced on its beams when we rested. I was the only girl carrying the Hoto in the festival. It was a night I'll never forget. (Unfortunately, the next night I did forget, as the celebration party got me very, very drunk haha).

This is what they meant by "hamburger" for lunch? It's in pieces!

The hamburger meal was actually very good. It was served on Notojima, an island north of Nanao where us ALTs spent a day volunteering to help city hall with some out-of-country visitors. South Korean middle school students came to visit our middle schoolers for a day at the beach! (Banana boat, anyone?) It was so much fun!

I was dragged her against my will, I say! A late breakfast at a McDonalds in Kanazawa after purchasing my new car.


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