Sep 25, 2013

FOOD FARE: Tokyo Delicaces

A course between courses - tofu and veggies with soy sauce to nibble as the chefs continued to make tempura (deep-fried) fish, scallops, and vegetables. It was a feast. Coupled with a tiny cup of saké, it was a great way to start off the weekend.

A woman making dashi by scraping a dried fish across a blade. The resulting powder is used as the starting stock to most Japanese dishes, especially soups. I had a taste of simple dashi soup (just added hot water) at this shop, which was pretty good.

I'm not sure what these appetizers are, but the presentation is excellent.

My first shabu-shabu - dipping meat and vegetables into boiling water to cook them. The name derives from the sound of the meat as it's being swished through the water. After the vegetables have been cooked, the water turns into a delicious soup that udon noodles are added to. It was one of the best meals I've had in Japan.

My favorite meal of the week - a fresh seafood salad with jasmine tea and honey at a French-style cafe overlooking Shibuya Scramble. Beautiful.

The bar I found myself at, one hot summer night, drinking a glass of red wine. The bartender was the only other person there, knew just a few English words, and we still held a conversation. He was kind and poured me an extra half glass. In no time at all, I bid sayonara to Tokyo once more.


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