Sep 27, 2013

BRACE YOURSELF: Tokyo Street Fashion

Now this was fun.

Ever since arriving in Japan, I've been taken aback by how young people dress. I live out in the inaka (countryside) where students wear uniforms everyday and the adults are much older and conservatively dressed. Tokyo is a whole different ballgame - some young women's outfits (and SHOES! omg) are just downright doll-like. I think so, at least - check out these shots from my long weekend in Tokyo and tell me what you think:

This dude gets added because he's almost the only guy not wearing office clothing.

These represent not just the few young women with high-heels and short skirts that day, it's a snapshot of what almost all of the women dress like. Conformity rules.


Would you wear any of these outfits? Do you think they're fashionable? Please share what you think!


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