Sep 20, 2013

Back to Tokyo, Part Two

More sights around the capital.
Seeing this date made me stop. Think about it, that's when Shakespeare was born, 200 years before America got going.

Nihonbashi - literally "Japan Bridge"

In its first 17th century construction, this bridge was made of wood and a subject of many ukiyo-e (wood-block) prints. The current stone version was built in 1911. Nihonbashi is so important to the Japanese, when they determine a place's distance from Tokyo, they measure it from this bridge.

Rick & Hiroko with the famous lions of Mitsukoshi department store. Thank you for a wonderful weekend!

Amida Buddha in the center of Mitsukoshi.

Posing at the Imperial Palace's East Gardens. Although they're called "gardens," the main area is a gravel square for people to converge on holidays.


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