Aug 28, 2013

Oh... Canada?

Candles and Canada and Cake, oh my!
These candles are made and hand painted in Nanao. They are special because they are used in temples, so only certain craftsmen have permission to make them. The wax is made from a type of Japanese tree that prevents from spilling when the candle is lit.

Our favorite bar.
A "snack bar" is a drinking establishment that serves you snacks with every drink. It can get pricey because on top of your order, you're paying by the hour to sit there. This snack bar is our favorite because the bartender is very genki (energetic), there's a broad drink selection (this is rare), and there's a nice vibe with the dark glass counter and crooning jazz music.
Faster than a speeding hockey player, more powerful than a mountie's horse, able to guzzle a jug of maple syrup in a single chug, it's…. CANADA MAN!

Things you'd never expect to do out in the Japanese countryside - volunteer at a Canada Day fair! JETs from all over Ishikawa came to Nanao to help out. We made pancakes drizzled with imported maple syrup, face-painted red maple leaves on children's faces, demonstrated how to play lacrosse, and shared the story of Anne of Green Gables.

The Noto mascots (remember them?) came to celebrate Canada Day, too. From left to right they are Toha-kun, Wakutama-kun, and Kon-maru-kun.

The grand finale came when Nanao's CIR revealed a giant cake of the national flag. Oh, Canada!


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