Jun 19, 2013

FOOD FARE: Where's the Beef?

Avocado and ham pizza. Yes, avocados. Italian food in Japan is just not... Italian. However, we are talking real, made from a stone oven, thin crust pizza. After so many lunches of rice and fried fish, this was a real treat!

Pumpkin and rum raisin ice cream at Fisherman's Wharf. They call it "gelato," but let's not pretend.

Fresh, right-out-of-the-bay sashimi (raw fish). The restaurant owner who put this dish together bought the fish fresh from the docks that very morning.

A typical Japanese bento (boxed lunch). 
This month there was a city-wide sports competition held between all the junior high schools. Everyone came together at Joyama Park to race, high jump, and cheer their classmates on. It was pouring rain, and several of the schools left early, but my school persevered! We spent the entire day outside at the park, only coming inside to enjoy a short bento break. We were very wet, but had a great time.

A banana crepe dessert at the local family-style restaurant.
Crepes are only one of the many aspects of French culture imported into Japan. From images of the Eiffel Tower to French-style bakeries, Japan seems to be in infatuated with the City of Lights. On TV there was a segment about how Japan is bringing kendo (traditional sword-fighting) to Parisian youths. Even the Japanese word for bread is パン (pronounced pan, just like in French). It's not something I expected!

P.S. There is no beef. This is Japan, remember? ;)


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