May 27, 2013

MEMENTOS: The Seven Mountain Ridges of Nanao

View from City Hall
Nanao is a combination of two kanji: 七, which means "seven", and 尾 which means "tail(s)". In this case, tails refers to the mountain ridges surrounding the area. Thus translated, Nanao is "the city of seven mountains".
View from Nanao Bay
They appear to be close, but looks are deceiving. No matter how long I walk towards them, they seem farther away. Yet on a recent boat ride through Nanao Bay, once we were out on the water they looked like they were looming over the city.
Country Road...take me the place...I belong
View from home
Another view from home
This is just at the end of my street. The view on a clear day is just majestic. I never tire of it :)


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