May 13, 2013

FOOD FARE: Guilty Pleasures & My Fav Cafe

Welcome to "FOOD FARE" - a photo series where I share some of my favorite meals and desserts.
On a weekend trip to Suzu in the far north, JETs from all over the Noto came to celebrate a fellow ALT's birthday. The next morning we had french toast at a chill cafe that bakes its own bread. There were so many of us though, we ate all of their bread! They may have had to close shop after we left.

Vegetable ramen at a "greasy spoon" restaurant close to Nanao train station. The food is cooked in front of you on a long grill, and there's a bookshelf of manga to read as you wait.

So! I discovered the coolest little cafe in the city. I just adore it - it's my secret spot to chill out :3 I came in for dinner and didn't realize they stopped serving food after lunch. The proprietor was very kind (and knows good English) and prepared a meal for me anyway. First up was a delicious green salad before...

...a hotpot of assorted veggies and melted cheese over rice. All the while I gazed out the window at the passerby's in their suits and leather shoes. For dessert I had...

...a cappuccino. The teacup and saucer are a pale Tiffany blue. Like most places in Japan I've experienced, they put out the best for guests. It's not uncommon to eat from dishes made of Noritake china. Their dedication to presentation and quality is impressive.


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