May 23, 2013

FOOD FARE: Festival Week!

On the days leading up to the big Seihakusai Festival, the dolls that would be installed on the top of the dekayama were showcased around the neighborhood. We went from home to home to view the dolls, welcomed at each one with overflowing cups of sake and dishes of mochi (rice cake). It's like trick-or-treat, but for grown-ups.

After our jaunt around Kajimachi, we ambled over to a small, out-of-the-way izakaya. It's a type of restaurant that's served family-style, with everyone sitting on the floor mats around a long table. There, we ordered dish after dish, from pizza and kebabs to udon and soybeans. First we filled ourselves with the excitement of the upcoming festival, and then with the joy of a delicious meal!
Green salad at the izakaya.
Udon soup at the izakaya.
Kyushu-style ramen from our Kanazawa day trip.
Gyoza (pork pot-stickers) from our Kanazawa day trip.
Chicken kebabs from one of the many street vendors during the Seihakusai Festival.
Pork and beef at a grill-your-own-food style restaurant.
Tabehodai in Japanese means "all you can eat." For me, this is dangerous. After pulling dekayama through the streets of Nanao, we filled ourselves with assorted meat, seafood, and "never-ending salads." Take that, Olive Garden! ;)


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