May 7, 2013

FOOD FARE: Delicious Snapshots

Welcome to "FOOD FARE" - a photo series where I share some of my favorite meals and desserts.

Welcome to the どんたく Grocery Store. Ishikawa is known for its fresh fish, especially in Nanao. I've yet to purchase an entire fish to cook at home.

So much food, but I have no idea what they are! I need to learn how to read food-related kanji so I know what I'm buying.

Shrimp fresh out of the bay, yummmm.

I mentioned that Kanazawa sells gold leaf ice cream. This one is green tea-vanilla twist. The gold leaf has no taste, though it does make me feel rich, like, "I have so much gold leaf, what should I do? Guess I'll just eat the extra."

I didn't expect to see chocolate-covered strawberries on the sushi conveyor belt! If you order off the computer screen menu, the sushi comes to you on a shinkansen.

My supervisor, her supervisor, and the ALT prefectural advisor went out to lunch together for my welcoming orientation. We had a Japanese-style meal of sashimi, rice, miso soup, picked veggies, and an egg-pudding dessert.

There is a French sub-culture in Japan (like you wouldn't believe). In Wakura there is a Parisian-style confectionary shop with a museum of sculptures made out of sugar and glaze. You eat your sweets while looking out the giant windows towards Notojima across Nanao Bay.

The confectionary is named Le Musee de H. I tried their signature dessert - chocolate mousse and... accompanying cappuccino. Nanao really does have the best of everything ♥


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