Mar 3, 2013

WEEKEND WARRIOR: Visiting Family in New York

Weekend Warrior: a person who is restricted from travel during the week, so they go on epic adventures on the weekend. 

As soon as I arrived in Lockport, everyone made me feel warm and welcome. Aunt Mandy made me vanilla chai tea in a big mug that said “family” with little hearts. That one gesture filled me with such gratitude and love. It’s heartwarming to have people want to do these little things for me to show they care; I notice every single one of them.

Aunt Mandy loves to cook. We prepared dinner together from her binder of secret recipes. She brought out different flavor-infused olive oils and vinegars to try on cucumber slices, teaching me an appreciation for pairing certain flavors.

During the course (pun!) of my stay, we had blueberry pancakes, French toast, pot roast, fresh salmon, and roasted potatoes. This is great, because Aunt Mandy has to keep up with Jeremy’s appetite! He’s growing fast and has been pegged for 6’2’’ (he likes to remind me that someday he'll be the one bending down to give hugs).

I got to sit in on the Semi-Finals of Jeremy’s hockey tournament (they won - go Wheatfield Blades!!). The rink was freezing - you could actually see your breath forming. Aunt Mandy came prepared with more vanilla chai tea. We sipped it together as we cheered our little man on from the bleachers.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera charger *headsmack* so I don’t have photos of the many other things we did together – like Julia’s giant napoleon from Muscoreils that squished out frosting, or the slant of green light from the windows at the city car pound, or the graceful/powerful ice-skating of Uncle Dave and Jeremy at the Father & Son hockey game. I captured these moments in my memory instead.

until next time 

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