Mar 8, 2013

Make Room at the Table

This is one dinner I'll never forget. My Great Aunt's daughter, Catherine, made a delicious homemade dinner for fourteen of us at her elegant home.

Family dinner parties are a re-kindled tradition that came down from the older parents (1st generation). There were six place settings in the formal dining room for each adult (2nd generation), and a table in the kitchen for the children (3rd generation).

I went to sit with the kids when Catherine invited me into the dining room. She added an extra chair and made room for me at the table. We ate our meal together, talking, drinking wine, and laughing until 12:30 in the morning. It was like we were mixing our souls together.

People I barely knew a few months ago are now offering to protect, love, and share with me. Suddenly, I am a part of a bigger whole: family.

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