Mar 29, 2013

FOOD FARE: Zehnder's Special

On our day trip to Frankenmuth, Sarah and I had the famous chicken dinner from Zehnder's. You need to work up your appetite before you sit down to this meal; it's much more than just chicken. What followed were thirteen dishes of yummy goodness:

(1) crunchy bread slices with garden vegetable and liver spreads

(2) chicken noodle soup

(3) fresh bread and fruit bread alongside strawberry preserves, (4) cole slaw,
(5) cranberry relish, (6) cottage cheese

(7) mashed potatoes

(8) savory green beans

(9) stuffing, (10) egg noodles with crackers

(11) and finally, the star of the show: fried chicken, and (12) gravy

Here's the main course all on one dish.

(13) and don't forget room for the dessert: orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream

Cheers to high metabolisms!


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