Feb 7, 2013

Two Memorable Meals (and One Detour)

I want to go out into the world to interact with people and create great lifelong memories. In the interrum before I leave, I'm spending time with friends and family. The incredible thing is these moments - talking over a meal and sharing our lives - are the lifelong memories. One day in particular this week made me realize that.

Julie and I met up for a glorious sushi feast. We had been looking forward to it for months. On the way to the restaurant, my memory short-circuited and I drove up I-94 instead of Van Dyke. I went 40 minutes out of my way, several miles east of where I was supposed to be, and wondered why I didn't recognize anything! I had entered the Twilight Zone.

After Julie reminded me of the correct intersection, I started across 23-Mile and immediately there was a detour - a bridge was out, putting me a further four miles out of my way on two-lane country roads. I told Julie I was delayed because the bridge was out, and she responded, "What bridge?" By Card Street, I told her. She had no idea where that was. To be honest, neither did I.

When I finally arrived, Julie was so gracious about the whole affair. We had a great time catching up over our six-roll platter of sushi. I wish I had taken a picture of it, it was heavenly. Julie did an excellent job picking out the best ones. There wasn't even a strip of seaweed salad left over after we cleaned house :)

Later in the day I went to Assaggi Bistro to help out with the latest email marketing, social media, and menu updates. Afterwards Josie bought me dinner AND a glass of red wine AND dessert. WOW! It's such a treat to eat at Assaggi's because I believe they are the best restaurant in Michigan, and the food is just phenomenal.

Dinner was tender chicken francese, followed by a dessert of zeppoli - custard-filled pastries with caramel sauce. Between the two dishes, I was treated to a second glass of wine. I savored it, drinking in the atmosphere as Sinatra crooned "New York, New York" over the speakers.

Speaking of New York, I'm going to be visiting family there after my JET interview this month. Both events will no doubt create more great memories I'll get to take with me around the world. I'm looking forward to it!

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