Feb 22, 2013

MEMENTOS: Art, Tea, and Music = ❤

me·men·to (noun):
An object kept as a reminder or souvenir of a person or event.
synonyms: souvenir - remembrance - keepsake - token - reminder
Travel is not just about the major sightseeing attractions - it's also a collection of all the small everyday moments. Granted, I'm not on the road yet, but when I am and it gets rough, these photos are what I'll look back on to remind me why it's all worthwhile. Thus the creation of the "MEMENTOS" series - a collection of photos from my present life.

On a weekend trip to Richmond, my Aunt Kathy and I attended a drawing class with a live model -- a free-spirited 72-year old Greek woman who lives a gypsy lifestyle. The drawing on the right is by the instructor.

A hot cup of sweet tea, courtesy of my equally sweet auto mechanic at Van Dyke Auto. I was also testing the background-blur feature on my new camera (my final travel gear purchase!).

To commemorate Mom's decision to give up coffee, we had green tea at Starbucks. Later that morning I had another reason to celebrate when I turned in my notice at work.

Cheeseburgers and a concert! Laurén and I were jamming away as the band played Journey from the back of the restaurant. ♫ ...born and raised in South Detroit... 

Over udon and great conversation, Chrissy asked me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding (!!). I'm  so excited for her & Ross, and I'm going to everything I can to travel back here for their big day.

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