Feb 3, 2013

Making Good Memories Before I Fly Away

January 7, 2013
It’s too easy to become isolated during a long Michigan winter. To avoid the cold, you end up spending all your time indoors. Going out to breakfast on Sunday made me realize that, since I’ve graduated, my non-working hours can now be spent exploring Metro Detroit for new places to eat and discover. I have the time to create happy memories before I leave Michigan for good.

When mom and I decided to have breakfast out together, I did a quick online search and found the Chocolate Gallery Café. It was only two miles from our house and neither one of us had heard of it. But, I mean, it has the words “chocolate” and “café” in the title – how could it not be fantastic?

Our server Peggy was so delightful and sweet. One of the owners, Cathy, was a warm presence within the café. She made sure everyone was comfortable and well taken care of. I love the feeling of visiting an independently owned eatery where the hosts care about your experience and have pride in their culinary creations. Rather than the food, it’s this human connection that makes the difference.

I tried my first eggs Benedict: poached eggs with a slice of ham and hollandaise sauce on top of a toasted English muffin. Mom had the lemon ricotta pancakes. Coupled with hazelnut coffee, it was just right for keeping us warm on a snowy January day.

The café was perfectly small, with a large mirror across the wall to give it a roomier feel. There were homemade chocolate suckers on the back counter, and a tall freezer lit up to display the wheels of chocolate cakes.

After the meal, Mom and I looked over the long list of desserts, some of which have won state awards (I was especially tempted by the Buckingham torte: brownie-chocochip crust with chocolate mousse and toffee shards). We were stuffed though, and promised our hosts to come back again when we had the room to really enjoy them.

I left thinking, “I want to go out like this more.” And why not? I don’t have to spend my winter like a hibernating recluse, especially since I don’t have homework anymore. Time is ticking down to the start of my new life in Japan. In the meantime, I’m going to seek out more happy moments to pass the days.

JET Status: My application is being reviewed by the Washington, D.C. Embassy. I’ll be notified the last week of January if/when I’ll receive an interview with the Detroit Consulate.

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