Feb 3, 2013

Interview Acceptance

For one glorious day this January, everything good came at once. The bitter cold broke and it warmed up to a wonderful 56°F. The spring-like weather felt like it cleared my mind from its winter hibernation.

On the morning of the 29th I woke up very early because I was so excited to share with a friend the travel resources I had discovered. I just may be able to help their dream come true – or, at the least, make the hazy details of that dream seem more possible. This ability to help and share what I know made me feel I had a reason beyond myself to get out of bed in the morning (literally).

On Tuesdays I tutor Ajahn Thanaphat (a Thai Buddhist monk) in his college classwork. Afterwards I stayed for evening service. Usually I am unable to focus because of my wandering “monkey mind.” So I did something new – I dedicated my chanting to my cousin, who has been stricken with chronic pain.

Halfway through chanting, I felt a calm inside me. In quiet meditation, I felt like a rock – solid, immovable, peaceful. I did not have to struggle to be still. I was even able to ignore the liquid fire in my legs as circulation cut off below my knees, because of my cross-legged position on the floor cushion.

Meditation circa October 2012
As I was leaving MBMC, I went to turn my phone off vibrate and saw I had two email notifications. The phone slipped out of my hands as I read the words “JET Program,” “Interview,” and “Congratulations!”

I could hardly believe it! Three months after the initial application, I made it to the interview stage! I am one step closer to my dream of moving to Japan!

I replied to the emails, confirming my acceptance of the interview date (yes yes yes!). Driving home I proceeded to scream and fist pump and freak out in elated happiness!!!

My interview is in the third week of February – and I’m going to rock it <3 Thank you for all of the encouraging text messages, Facebook comments, and phone calls. The level of support has been heart-warming. and makes me feel very thankful. Almost there, now!

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